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Let Me Plan Your Trip!

      I love to plan my own trips so I figured why not help others plan theirs! In just the past few years I've traveled to Iceland, Nepal, England, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Egypt, Mexico, the Caribbean and across the US. 

Traveling through places like Africa, especially for the first time is no walk in the park so I'm going to be here from start to finish to help make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. If your flight gets cancelled, hotel can't find your reservation or your taxi breaks down and leaves you stranded, call me at anytime and I'll resolve the issue to the best of my ability. I've experienced the best and worst of traveling to remote places so you can be assured I'll be able to help no matter the problem or request that you may have.

Below you'll find a 2 page form to fill out and an explanation as to how it all works. Please take a moment to read and fill out the form the best you can and be as detailed as possible. The more details the better I can asses which location and type of trip would be best for you. If you want a honeymoon, weekend getaway or a mountain climbing adventure, I can help arrange all the accommodations and make sure its stress free and enjoyable as possible. 

What's Your Ideal Trip?

Please take the time to fill out the 2 page form and I'll get in contact with you soon!

How it works

Stage 1 - Fill out the form and pay the initial fee.

 After you fill out the form I'll get back to you with either 3 locations and basic itineraries based on your requests or three itineraries for the location you have picked.


Stage 2 -Pick the itinerary you like best and sign a contract so we can get started! 

If you like one of the options I present and would like me to plan the entire trip you will need to sign a contract stating that you will pay the fee for my hours of work. I will then get to work creating a detailed itinerary of the perfect trip. Estimated time - one to two weeks to create the full itinerary.

Stage 3 - You will receive the detailed itinerary for review. 

I will send you a completed itinerary with each day planned out but with a few options such as different hotels to pick from or flight options so you can decide if you want to splurge or save money in certain aspects. 

Stage 4 - Details are ironed out, you pay and I book it!

Once you have decided on exactly which options you'd like, we will discuss payment options. I can book the trip for you or you can book the trip yourself but only after paying the 8% fee and I will then send you a document on how to go about booking your trip.


While you are on the trip I will essentially be your personal assistant the whole time. If anything goes wrong or you need more information about where you are going, I'll be ready by the phone with all the help you'll need.


For the initial basic itinerary, the fee increases depending on the estimated price of your trip. The more you spend the more technical a trip can be and more hours I'll need to spend planning.


$1,000-$5,000 trip = $50 Fee

$5,000-$10,000 trip = $75 Fee

$10,000 trips         = $100 Fee


An 8% fee is added on to the total cost of all hotels, excursions, transportation... anything arranged by me. This is payment for the hours of planning and assistance prior and during the trip. 

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