Blake Smith

A photographer and videographer who loves capturing rare moments. I've spent several months in Zimbabwe as a wildlife photographer working with ALERT, a month in Mozambique doing underwater photography and one month trekking in Nepal to the Base Camp of Everest documenting the problem of trash along the trail.     

Photography and Videography Career

(2014 - 2015) ALPHA MEDIA,INC

(2016 - 2018) Freelance for Wynn's Catering 

(Fall 2017 and March 2018) ALERT Head Photographer Internship

(February 2018) All Out Africa Marketing Internship

(Fall 2018) Freelance for "Clean Up Nepal"

(Spring 2019) Freelance for Chef Allen Campbell (TB12 Chef)

(Spring 2019) Freelance for Desiree Burns (Interior Designer)

Currently located in Boston

Phone: (239) 595-4055  Email:

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Angela Ferguson: Research Manager at ALERT

Relation: I spent over two month working under her in Zimbabwe, helping with research and


Phone Number: +263 77 236 4134


Ginger Green: Marketing Manager for All Out Africa

Relation: I was a marketing intern under her for one month in Mozambique.

Phone Number (WhatsApp): +1 586 488 5855

Email (best option):

Benjamin Schad: Executive Chef at Wynn Catering

Relation: I've worked under Chef Schad for several years helping in the kitchen.

Phone Number: (239) 450-5036